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Brown & Williams Clothiers is the brainchild of Christopher Williams and Howard Brown,
two sartorial-minded anglophiles living in America. After having lamented for some time
the dearth of fine, affordable British style men's clothing, we took it upon ourselves
to do something about it.

We believe the best of men's fashion can trace its roots back to British Style. At
Brown & Williams Clothiers we seek to revive that heritage and offer timeless,
stylish British vintage garments for sharp dressers and savvy collectors alike.

Our stock is carefully selected in England, then shipped to America and curated in
our collection until each piece begins its new life in the wardrobes of stylish
Gentlemen all over the country.

The collection includes such iconic garments as Barbour Jackets and Burberrys, School
Jackets and Blazers, Tailcoats and Frock Coats, Military and Civil Uniform Jackets,
as well as such staple items as Tweed Jackets, Knickers and a wide selection of
Waistcoats and accessories.

Today we live in a great period in time for men's style. Men are starting to be more
concerned with the image they present to the world. We are becoming more style
conscious and increasingly seek to define ourselves through dress. As such we
demand more options to fill out our wardrobe. Most of the wares available in
department stores and label outlets are bland, repetitive and dull. In this modern
age we have the luxury to look back over all of history to revive trends and styles
from bygone eras, and British style has been at the forefront of menswear for
over two centuries.

At Brown & Williams Clothiers, we know that just the right vintage piece, when mixed
and matched with items from your modern wardrobe, can make for a really unique and
impressive look. It’s the style savvy, economy minded Gentleman that B&WC
serves more than any other.

Whether you're a vintage aficionado, neo-dandy or just someone looking for that perfect
statement piece to add to your wardrobe, Brown & Williams Clothiers has something to offer.


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